The Stevens Anime Club is proud the present the ninth annual Castle Point Anime Convention, which will take place on April 23rd and April 24th this year. As we approach our ten-year anniversary, we are hoping to make CPAC better than ever before. While we are still under many of the restrictions of being on a college campus, we are continuing the push to provide more fun activities, as well as more space to do them in. This year we will be moving some things around in order to mitigate issues with CPAC growing so big. For the first time ever, CPAC will be making use of the Howe building, the very tall administrative building at the top of our campus. There are a few large rooms there, so big attractions like the Video Gaming room will be migrating in order to provide more space. In addition, we are tentatively implementing a soft attendance limit. What does "soft" mean? It means it will not be a hard and set limit. Previously, we have guaranteed to attendees that we will not close registration or run out of badges. Now, once the soft limit is reached, there will not longer be that guarantee. Our staff will continuously monitor how crowded the convention is, and cut off registration once we think there are too many people for us to handle. The soft attendance limit for this year will be 4,700 people. We are basing this on last year's attendance of 3,979 attendees (4,516 warm bodies) as well as the capacity of the new rooms we are getting. We want to apologize in advance if we hit this limit. CPAC's goal is not to be the biggest or the most crowded con, but instead the friendliest and most fun con, especially because we want it to be as much fun for our staff as it is for everybody else.
Don't panic! This is not a second day... CPAC has gotten a lot of feedback about being a Sunday-only con, and to be honest, we like being on Sunday. Because of that, we are keeping Sunday as our main day: the day where all the good panels and events will happen. However! There are many cosplayers who want a second day to show off their cosplay, or just attendees that want another day to hang around. Because of that we are implementing a Saturday preview day. On Saturday, only the following programming will be available: Registration (of course) Video Gaming, possibly with tournaments Card and Board Gaming Video Programming Manga Library Some other special events, probably cosplay-related, to be determined On Saturday the convention will be open starting at 2pm. Attendance for Saturday is included in the regular badge and will not cost extra.
If being a Pokémon Master is your destiny, then Castle Point Pokémon League is the event for you! For the sixth year in a row, Gym Leaders stationed around the convention are awaiting your challenges. Defeat them, collect their badges, and earn your spot in our Grand Tournament! For more information and news on CPPL, check out our Facebook page.
Conventions can be stressful. We get it. There are a lot of people in a relatively small area, and it can get quite loud. Sometimes you just want to go to a nice, quiet room and take a break from it all. The Manga Library is the place for you. With hundreds of volumes on loan from the AnimeNEXT collection, there's something for everyone. Librarians will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
You have spent countless hours in front of a sewing machine, been burned by hot glue guns, and scouted out every fabric and thrift store in town to get your cosplay just right. Now is your chance to show it off! The CPAC Cosplay Contest is judged by guest cosplayers we invite to the convention. Winners get to take home prizes and glorious bragging rights. Walk down the runway and flaunt your work to the CPAC cosplayer community! To register for the contest, please fill out our Cosplay Contest application form. Rules: The Castle Point Anime Convention is a family friendly event! Please keep performances clean and PG-13. Please refrain from putting on a skit during the contest. We will introduce your character and you may then walk out, show off your costume (being in character is more than welcome) and walk back.
Chess is well over 1000 years old, and still competitively around the world to this day. What could possibly make this game better, you might ask? The answer is simple: replace the pieces with cosplayers! Watch all your favorite anime characters battle it out for supremacy at the command of two mysterious generals. If you wish to sign up to be a chess piece, you can do so on our Cosplay Chess application form. Rules: All fighting in Cosplay Chess is pretending and acting! No use of excessive force is allowed. No contact between players is preferred but very light contact will be permitted. Please be careful when using props! Participation in Cosplay Chess assumes all participants are fully aware of any risks involved. The Castle Point Anime Convention will not be held responsible if any injury is to occur during the event. Registration for Cosplay Chess is on a first come first serve basis! Anyone who registers after all player spots have been filled will be put on a waiting list. Those on a waiting list will replace players who do not show up for the event. The pieces to be played are traditional chess pieces (King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Pawn). We will try to consider what pieces the player desires to be, but there is no guarantee on any specific position. Do not be deterred if you do not get your preferred spot; we attempt to make sure all pieces are used so everyone gets to participate. Make sure you are familiar with the rules for the convention, especially the weapons policy. Be a good sport and have fun!