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Gabby Nu

Come watch Gabby Nu as she judges our Virtual Cosplay Runway!

About Gabby Nu

Gabby is a local NJ and body positive cosplayer who’s been cosplaying since she was 15 years old and started making her own costumes at 18. She’s been lucky to have the opportunity to travel to conventions around the country (and world!) debuting new costumes that focus on her creativity and attention to detail. Whether it’s through her love of makeup, passion in prop making, or obsession with all things magical girl themed, she is dedicated to bringing her favorite characters to life. Her work has been published in Cosplay Realm Magazine and recognized by IGN and Cosplay in America. She also competed in the 2016 Eastern Championships of Cosplay at New York Comic Con! Gabby held her first cosplay panel at Anime Boston 2015, and since then has been passionate about teaching and bringing the cos-community together.

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Cosplay Runway

Sunday, May 2nd from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

Come watch Gabby Nu as she helps judge our Virtual Cosplay Runway! This will be livestreamed on the CPあC YouTube channel!

Moon Prism Power, Makeup! Cosplay Makeup Techniques

Saturday, May 1st 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM EDT in Main Events

Your favorite makeup panel is back at CPあC! Are you curious about transforming your face through the power of contour? Or are you struggling to get that perfect winged liner on hooded eyes? Join Gabby Nu Cosplay as she dives into all the tips and trips for both basic and advanced makeup techniques for cosplay. Come with questions - both makeup lovers and beginners are welcome!






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