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Minecraft Servers

Learn more about the Minecraft Servers at CPあC!


Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM EDT (Join anytime you want!)
Sunday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM EDT (Join anytime you want!)

Server IPs

Skyblock Server:
Creative Server:

Both servers are running Vanilla Minecraft 1.16.5!

To access the Minecraft channels on the CPあC Discord, give yourself the Gaming role from the #roles channel.

Skyblock Server

Classic skyblock with more features! Complete challenges either by yourself or with friends to get more supplies and gain points to advance your Skyblock Island’s level. The higher your Skyblock Island’s level, the more challenges you’re able to access, and the more decked out your Skyblock Island can become! Make sure to place a warp sign to show it off to other attendees!

  • /island
    • Create your own Skyblock Island
    • Teleports you back to your Skyblock Island
  • /island team invite <Player Name>
    • Add a player to your Skyblock Island
  • /island challenges
    • View challenges
    • (You must click on the associated challenge to receive the rewards!)
  • /island warps
    • Open your island up as a warp so people can visit
  • /island warp <Player Name>
    • Warp to that player’s Skyblock Island
    • (This player must have an active warp sign, see above command!)
  • /island help
    • Shows all available commands

Creative Server

Come and carve out your own section of CPあC’s Creative Server using the Grief Prevention plugin in order to build to your heart’s content! Right click the ground with a golden shovel to open up the claiming GUI in order to section off a piece of the world where only you and your friends can build. All players are given 10,000 blocks (that’s a 100x100 plot) to claim!

  • /tpa <Player Name>
    • Request to teleport to that player
  • /tpahere <Player Name>
    • Request for that player to teleport to you
  • /back
    • Teleport to your previous location
  • /trust <Player Name>
    • Gives that player building permissions within the claim you are currently standing in (must be your claim)
  • /abandonclaim
    • Abandons the claim you are currently standing in and gives you back those blocks (must be your claim)
  • /help
    • Shows all available commands


  • Follow all CPあC Policies
  • No griefing / spamming / trolling
  • No lag machines
  • Please only build / destroy within your claim

At any time, if you have any questions or concerns (or if you need to report something) please either PM a Moderator or reach out in the #minecraft channel!

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