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Quick on the Trigger

Learn more about Quick on the Trigger at CPあC!


Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM EDT (Join anytime you want!)
Sunday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM EDT (Join anytime you want!)


Quick on the Trigger is an anime trivia game where a bot will release a trivia question related to anime made by Studio Trigger at the start of every hour during Virtual CPあC’s convention hours. Attendees will only have an hour to answer each question before the next question is released, and the attendees who answer the most questions correctly will be entered into a raffle for a prize!


  1. On the CPあC Discord server, look for the “Quick on the Trigger” (QotT) bot under the “Quick on the Trigger” role at the top of the roles list
    1. Open a direct message / private message with the bot and type !join
    2. You will receive the “QotT” role
  2. The QotT bot will release hourly questions to the #quick-on-the-trigger text channel
    1. If you have the QotT role, you will be @’d every time the QotT bot releases a question
  3. To answer the current question, you must DM the QotT bot your answer using the !answer command.
    1. The format for answering is: !answer your answer goes here
      1. I.e. If you were answering with “Trigger Trivia”, then you would type out:
      2. !answer Trigger Trivia
    2. Don’t worry about any spaces, symbols, or uppercase letters, the QotT bot will still recognize your answer.
    3. The QotT bot will not be able to detect misspellings, so type carefully!
      1. If your answer is marked wrong, but you believe that it is correct, ping a moderator in the #anime channel.
    4. You will have 3 attempts to get the right answer
      1. You are allowed to Google your answer
      2. You might be allowed to DuckDuckGo your answer
      3. You aren’t allowed to Bing your answer
    5. All answers must be in English letters and numbers ONLY
  4. You have until the QotT bot releases its next question to answer the current question (1 hour)
    1. You are not allowed to answer previous questions if you miss the 1 hour mark
    2. If you miss a question, you miss out on that point permanently, so make sure to keep checking in every hour
  5. The bot will send a total of 22 questions
    1. 12 questions on Saturday, and 10 questions on Sunday
    2. The QotT bot will become unavailable at the end of Saturday at 10 PM EDT
    3. All scores will be saved and transitioned over to Sunday’s convention and will begin again at 10 AM EDT
  6. If you would like to stop being pinged by the bot or wish to drop out of the event, please DM / PM the QotT bot !leave
    1. If for any reason you are still being pinged, please message any of the CPあC staff / moderators on Discord
    2. If you wish to rejoin the event, you must DM / PM the QotT bot !join
    3. Your score will be saved even if you leave the event
  7. The final question will be sent out on Sunday May 2nd at 7:00 PM EDT, and the raffle winner will be announced shortly after 8 PM EDT
  8. If you have any questions or concerns, please message a CPあC Moderator



  • !join
    • Join the Quick on the Trigger event and get the QotT role
  • !answer your answer goes here
    • Submit your answer to the question
  • !score
    • Check your current score
  • !attempts
    • Find out how many attempts you have left for the current question
  • !help
    • Use this command to display the rules, details, and commands for the event
  • !leave
    • Use this command if you don’t want to receive pings from the bot anymore
    • If you want to re-join and answer questions, you must use the !join command first


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