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Stardust Megu

Come watch Stardust Megu as she judges our Virtual Cosplay Runway!

About Stardust Megu

Stardust Megu is an award-winning and body positive cosplayer from NYC and has been cosplaying since 2010. She made over 60 cosplays, and specializes in sewing, armor, resin casting, prop making, and more. She competed at many cosplay contests and won awards. Stardust Megu also uses her platform to push for diversity and inclusion for all, and believes that everyone can cosplay as their favorite characters regardless of skin color, body size, gender, disability, etc.

Cosplay Runway

Sunday, May 2nd from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

Come watch Stardust Megu as she helps judge our Virtual Cosplay Runway! This will be livestreamed on the CPあC YouTube channel!

Cosplaying while Black and Plus Sized

Saturday, May 1st 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT in Main Events

Are you a Black or Plus Sized cosplayer (or both)? Want to be a better ally? This panel will help educate the audience of the experiences that certain cosplayers face in the community. Everyone of all races, body sizes, etc. are encouraged to attend!






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