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SSB Melee Tournament

CPあC 2021 will be running a Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament!

Sign up for the SSB Melee tournament at

While we encourage people to use for communication with the other players, make sure to join the Castle Point Anime discord at to communicate with TOs and see any announcements or other updates.

All matches will be played using Slippi, which can be downloaded at, and using the common online rollback ruleset (frozen Pokemon Stadium as a starter, Final Destination as a counterpick). Check the ruleset for any specifics.


Tournament Information

  • SSBM Tournament Date: Sunday, May 2, 2021
  • SSBM Tournament Times: 3:00 PM EDT to 6:00 PM EDT
  • SSBM Tournament Sign-Up Opens: Saturday, April 17, 2021 @ 12:00 PM EDT
  • SSBM Tournament Sign-Up Closes: Sunday, May 2, 2021 @ 2:00 PM EDT
  • Max Participant Count: 16
  • Prizes:
    • 1st Place: $15 PayPal
    • 2nd Place: $10 PayPal
    • 3rd Place: $5 PayPal



Game Settings

  • Mode: Stock
  • Handicap: OFF
  • Team Attack / Friendly Fire: ON
  • Damage Ratio: 100%
  • Items: OFF and/or NONE
  • Pause: OFF
  • Stocks: 4 stocks
  • Time Limit: 8:00

Set Procedure

  1. Select characters (automatically double-blind through smashgg)
  2. Use Stage Striking to determine the first stage
  3. Play the first game of the set
  4. Winning player of the previous game bans a stage (best-of-3 only)
  5. Losing player of the previous game counterpicks a stage*
  6. Winning player of the previous game may change characters
  7. Losing player of the previous game may change characters
  8. Play the next game of the set
  9. Repeat Steps 4 through 8 for all subsequent games

*A player cannot pick a stage that they have already won on (DSR).

All sets other than Grand Finals, Winners Finals, and Losers Finals will be played in a best-of-3 format.

Grand Finals, Winners Finals, and Losers Finals will be played in a best-of-5 format.



  • Battlefield
  • Yoshi’s Story
  • Dream Land
  • Pokémon Stadium
  • Fountain of Dreams


  • Final Destination

Additional Rules

  • Pausing: In the event that pause is not turned off, pausing the game is only legal while a player remains upon their OWN respawn platform, and only for the purpose of summoning a tournament organizer, or in the event of a controller malfunction. All other pauses will incur at least a one stock loss to the offending player, perhaps more if the offending pause further disrupted the opponent at the discretion of the TO.
  • Stalling: The act of stalling, or intentionally making the game unplayable, is banned and at the discretion of the TO. Stalling tactics include but are not limited to becoming invisible, infinites, chain grabs, or uninterruptible moves past 300%; or abusing a position in which your opponent can never reach you. Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e., pausing, freeze glitches, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in forfeiture of that match for the offending player. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and must be wary about accidentally triggering these effects.
  • Timeouts / Ties: The winner of a match that goes to time (time out) will be determined by stocks and then percentage. When the timer hits 0:00, the player with the higher stock count is the winner. If both players are tied in stocks, the player with the lower percentage is the winner. In the event of a percentage tie, or a match in which both players lost their last stock simultaneously, a 1 stock tiebreaker will be played with a 3:00 time limit. The result of the game’s built-in Sudden Death does not count towards the set outcome.
  • Colorblind Clause: Players may request that their opponent change colors to accommodate colorblindedness, or if their color is indistinguishable from either the other team color or the stage background. This request must be made before the first game of the set.
  • Warm-ups: Warm-up periods, button checks, and “handwarmers” may not exceed 60 seconds on the game clock. Violation of this rule may result in forfeiture of a game at the discretion of the TO.
  • Collusion: Any collusion or results manipulation with your competitors is forbidden. If the TO determines that any competitor is colluding to manipulate results or intentionally underperform, the colluding players may be immediately disqualified. This determination is to be made at the discretion of the TO. Anyone disqualified in this manner forfeits all rights to any titles or prize money they might have otherwise earned.
  • Controller Legality: The legal Melee controllers include the wired Nintendo GameCube controller and the box controller variants as long as they abide by the latest MIOM controller addendum fount at:
  • Malfunctions: Any malfunctions associated with your controller are your responsibility. Players are responsible for using the correct settings BEFORE the set begins. Both parties need to agree if a match is to be paused or restarted because of a controller problem.

The rules are largely based on the rules from The Big House: Most of the rules are automatically enforced by either Slippi or smashgg, but for the sake of completeness they are listed here as well.

Match Rules

Failing to abide by any of the below rules can result in a DQ. Please notify a TO if there are any problems with your matches.

  • Vanilla Melee only: Players may not use a modified ISO. These can cause desync issues.
  • Ping Spikes: If you have a ping of >100 with your opponent, notify a TO. The TO will evaluate who has the worse connection at their discretion to determine who will be DQed.
  • Striking: Players eliminate stages from the Neutral stagelist until there is one stage remaining. The first player strikes the first stage. Then the next player strikes two stages. Then the first player strikes one more stage and the remaining stage is used for the first game of the set.
  • Stage Bans: After each game of the set, before counterpicking, the player who won the previous game may ban one stage from the stagelist. This rule is not in effect for best-of-5 sets. Stage bans affect each player individually.
  • Counterpicks: Dave’s Stupid Rule (DSR) is in effect, meaning a player cannot pick a stage they have won on during a set.
  • Stage Clause: A player may not counterpick any stage they previously won on during the set, unless agreed upon by the opponent.
  • Wobbling: Wobbling is banned. This event’s definition of wobbling is a series of moves (4+ pummel effects) by Ice Climbers from a standing grab position that infinitely lock the opponent in hitstun.
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