Castle Point Anime Convention


Cosplay is a huge part of any anime convention, and CPAC is no exception. We offer a variety of cosplay-related events and activities to keep everyone’s schedules full of fun.

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From magical girls to video game characters, we have a wide variety of cosplayers at CPAC. Inside your program guide will be a bingo board detailing specific varieties of cosplay. Get pictures of those items and you can win prizes!


Complete a row, column, or diagonal to win a prize (1 per person, while supplies last). The first 5 attendees to complete a full board (all spaces) will win free tickets to next year’s CPAC! Any info desk can help check your photos to redeem prizes.

Always ask permission before taking a photo of a cosplayer! Most will happily oblige, but they are not required to. Photography is not allowed in the Artist’s Alley or Dealer’s Room.


Chess is well over 1,000 years old and is still played competitively to this day. Although the game is already pretty great, we thought there was one thing we could do to make it better: have cosplayers stand in for the game pieces of course!


Watch your favorite anime characters battle it out for supremacy at the command of two mysterious generals. Sign-ups to participate will be held the morning of the event.


Ever wanted to perform as your favorite anime character or watch your favorite anime characters in action on stage? Attend the masquerade! You will be able to witness your fellow CPAC cosplayers perform in beautiful cosplay, ranging from comedy skits to reenactments of their favorite scenes!


Sign-ups to participate are held via application. The application is currently open and will close a week before the convention (on April 21st, 2019).

Photo Booth

We partnered with a talented photographer and his photo booth, so your pictures will definitely get a boost in quality! Additionally, we now have beautiful backdrops for you to take awesome pictures against! (We may have even brought a little of the original campus venue back. 😉)

The photo booth is free, and the link to the photo album will be posted on this page and social media during the convention.


Accidents happen! We can help you at the Cosplay Repair Station.

Our repair station has everything you might need to fix your cosplay. We commonly have glue, scissors, sewing materials, stain-remover pens, tape, and more! What could have been a disaster will turn into unexpected relief as you repair your costume without ever needing to leave the convention!


After spending countless hours stitching fabric, getting burned by hot glue guns, and scavenging every art and thrift store to create the perfect cosplay, all your hard work will finally pay off! Show off your masterpiece at the Cosplay Runway, where it will be judged by guest cosplayers.


Sign-ups to participate will be held the morning of the event. Winners will get to take home prizes (and, of course, bragging rights)!

Speed Dating

We’ve all dreamed of the day that our ships come true. You can make that happen at the Cosplay Speed Dating event!

Here, you’ll be matched with several other cosplayers to go on mini dates to determine their OTPs. Answer the MC’s questions in character to try and woo your pairing, and rate your dates to find your OTP. At the end, there will be an awards ceremony to reveal the results of your pairings!


This event is the perfect way to discover your own OTPs through the lens of your cosplay character! Sign-ups to participate will be held the morning of the event.

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