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Cosplay is a huge part of any anime convention, and CPAC is no exception. We offer a variety of cosplay-related events and activities to keep everyone’s schedules full of fun.

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From magical girls to video game characters, we have a wide variety of cosplayers at CPAC. Inside your program guide will be a bingo board detailing specific varieties of cosplay. Get pictures of those items and you can win prizes!


Complete a row, column, or diagonal to win a prize (1 per person, while supplies last). The first 5 attendees to complete a full board (all spaces) will win free tickets to next year’s CPAC! Any info desk can help check your photos to redeem prizes.

Always ask permission before taking a photo of a cosplayer! Most will happily oblige, but they are not required to. Photography is not allowed in the Artist’s Alley or Dealer’s Room.


Chess is well over 1,000 years old and is still played competitively to this day. Although the game is already pretty great, we thought there was one thing we could do to make it better: have cosplayers stand in for the game pieces of course!


Watch your favorite anime characters battle it out for supremacy at the command of two mysterious generals. Sign-ups to participate will be held the morning of the event.


Ever wanted to perform as your favorite anime character or watch your favorite anime characters in action on stage? Attend the masquerade! You will be able to witness your fellow CPAC cosplayers perform in beautiful cosplay, ranging from comedy skits to reenactments of their favorite scenes!

Please fill out form below if you would like to perform in the Cosplay Masquerade, which will be held on Sunday, April 28th 2019 at 12:30 pm. You will be judged based on craftsmanship, acting, the skit itself, etc. There will be prizes!!

  1. Anyone can participate - groups and solos welcome!
  2. Not all of your cosplay has to be handmade, but the pieces that were purchased/commissioned should be specified in the form!

The prizes include Best Craftsmanship, Best Acting, Best Skit Idea, and Judges Choice (4 total!) There will be 4 judges working together to decide the winners for each category.

Here are the criteria for judging!

  1. Best Craftsmanship: This goes to the person(s) with the most impressive handmade cosplay.
  2. Best Acting: This award goes to the person(s) with the most convincing acting - voice and stage!
  3. Best Skit Idea: This goes to those whose idea seemed the most inventive, unique, and entertaining!
  4. Judges Choice: These awards are based on each judges personal favorite performance, based on how much they enjoyed said skit! The prizes for judges choice are certificates!


Sign-ups to participate are held via application. The application is currently open and will close a week before the convention (on April 21st, 2019).

Photo Booth

We partnered with a talented photographer and his photo booth, so your pictures will definitely get a boost in quality! Additionally, we now have beautiful backdrops for you to take awesome pictures against! (We may have even brought a little of the original campus venue back. 😉)

The photo booth is free, and the link to the photo album will be posted on this page and social media during the convention.

Hours of operation:

Saturday 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Sunday 10:30 AM - 7:45 PM


Accidents happen! We can help you at the Cosplay Repair Station.

Our repair station has everything you might need to fix your cosplay. We commonly have glue, scissors, sewing materials, stain-remover pens, tape, and more! What could have been a disaster will turn into unexpected relief as you repair your costume without ever needing to leave the convention!


After spending countless hours stitching fabric, getting burned by hot glue guns, and scavenging every art and thrift store to create the perfect cosplay, all your hard work will finally pay off! Show off your masterpiece at the Cosplay Runway, where it will be judged by guest cosplayers.


Sign-ups to participate will be held the morning of the event. Winners will get to take home prizes (and, of course, bragging rights)!

Speed Dating

We’ve all dreamed of the day that our ships come true. You can make that happen at the Cosplay Speed Dating event!

Here, you’ll be matched with several other cosplayers to go on mini dates to determine their OTPs. Answer the MC’s questions in character to try and woo your pairing, and rate your dates to find your OTP. At the end, there will be an awards ceremony to reveal the results of your pairings!


This event is the perfect way to discover your own OTPs through the lens of your cosplay character! Sign-ups to participate will be held the morning of the event.



Capverse Cosplay

Capverse Cosplay(Mark Matthews) is a cosplayer, engineering student,and 3D artist in the local NY/NJ area. His specialties include superhero costuming, prop and accessory design, foam armor design and fabrication, and 3D modeling and printing. Instagram: @capversecosplay



Chris is an LGBT+ cosplayer who loves to create unique and fun builds. He loves to travel, and has been to cons all across the country. He loves cosplay as a creative outlet, and firmly believes that cosplay should be fun, exciting, and enjoyable for everyone. He loves meeting new people, and finding friends who love and enjoy the same things he does. Instagram: @chris.sansone



LeavesFromTheVine is a New Jersey native cosplaying since 2010. English teacher by day, she uses cosplay as a creative outlet and as a way for students to see that being a nerd/geek isn’t a bad thing. It’s also led to meeting some really great friends over the years and competing in a few competitions with them. Self-taught (after getting over her fear of sewing machines), she uses clothing and patterns to create the base for cosplays and is a big believer in rough drafts. Currently delving into 3D printing and more involved armor builds, she hopes to improve her craft for the future! Instagram: @leavesfromthevine_cosplay



Born and raised in Tokyo, then spending their teens in New York City, Ryan is your everyday cosplayer living the life of a college student. They are currently studying Computer Science as a sophomore at RPI, and like to spend their free time napping, gaming, snacking, and (of course) crafting! Ryan has been cosplaying since about 2015, and if you attend anime conventions around the east coast, there’s a good chance you’ll run into them, feel free to say hi! Instagram: @emerlingcosplay


Sloan the Female Otaku

Sloan the Female Otaku is a NJ based AniTuber and cosplayer. Sloan likes to talk about anime, showcase fellow cosplayers in music videos, and stream Fate/Grand Order. Fun fact, Sloan’s first ever vlog was her adventure at CPAC in 2015! Instagram: @sloanthefemaleotaku


Vsol Cosplay

Bronx born, Yonkers NY native of Filipino and Puerto Rican descent who has been unofficially cosplaying since 2006 and officially cosplaying since 2015. She works 2 jobs as a medical assistant for a hospital and doctor’s office. Casual gamer and foodie, she also enjoys long uninterrupted naps and petting dogs. She has a pet gecko named Pancake and her favorite cosplay is Avatar Korra from the Legend of Korra. Instagram: @vsol_cosplay


Geoffrey Riot

Geoffrey specializes in the various versions of the Joker, ranging from comic-accurate to original designs. Be sure to check out his panel on Saturday and visit him at the Cosplay Masquerade on Sunday!

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