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Cosplay is a huge part of any anime convention, and CPAC is no exception. We offer a variety of cosplay-related events and activities to keep everyone’s schedules full of fun. More events will be announced as the year goes on, plase follow our social media pages for updates!

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Cosplay Runway

After spending countless hours stitching fabric, getting burned by hot glue guns, and scavenging every art and thrift store to create the perfect cosplay, all your hard work will finally pay off! Show off your masterpiece at the Cosplay Runway, where it will be judged by guest cosplayers. Sign-ups will take place on the day of the convention. Winners get to take home prizes and of course, bragging rights.

Entry is open until before the event starts

Cosplay Masquerade

Ever wanted to perform as your favorite anime character or watch your favorite anime characters in action on stage? Then attend the masquerade! You will be able to witness your fellow CPAC cosplayers perform in beautiful cosplay, ranging from comedy skits to reenactments of their favorite scenes!

Please fill out the form below if you would like to perform in the Cosplay Masquerade, which will be held on Sunday, May 3rd, 2021 at 2:00PM. Pre-judging will be held at 1:30PM. You will be judged based on craftsmanship, acting, the skit itself, etc. There will be prizes!!

  • Anyone can participate groups and solos welcome!
  • Not all of your cosplay has to be handmade, but the pieces that were purchased/commissioned should be specified in the form!

The prizes include Best Craftsmanship, Best Acting, Best Skit Idea, and Judges Choice (4 total!) There will be 4 judges working together to decide the winners for each category. Here are the criteria for judging!

  • Best Craftsmanship: This goes to the person(s) with the most impressive handmade cosplay.
  • Best Acting: This award goes to the person(s) with the most convincing acting - voice and stage!
  • Best Skit Idea: This goes to those whose idea seemed the most inventive, unique, and entertaining!
  • Judges Choice: These awards are based on each judges personal favorite performance, based on how much they enjoyed said skit! The prizes for judges choice are certificates!

Entry is open until the day of the convention

Cosplay Wrestling

What do you get when you blend together a Super NES, your Crunchyroll queue, and a pinch or two of what the Rock is cooking? The answer is Cosplay Pro-Wrestling, which features some of your favorite anime and video game characters battling it out in the ring. If you are looking for a very entertaining experience that will bring to life some of the mashups you never got to see, then this is definitely an event you should check out!

Meet your wrestlers at the Hype Up panel on Saturday, followed by their show on Sunday!

Cosplay Guests

Applications for Cosplay Guests are CLOSED for CPAC 2021 . Follow us on social media for updates!

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