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The Dance

CPAC wouldn’t be CPAC without our dance. From classic anime hits to the latest Jpop/Kpop, CPAC: The Dance is the time to show off your moves! Put your glow-sticks up, gather together, and dance your heart out with other attendees!

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Artist's Alley



Kurono is a popular DJ known for bringing the hardcore genre into the Anime-Dance scene. As a strong supporter of J-Core, Vocaloid, and anime remixes in North America, one of his major influences comes from the wide range of Japanese music and it’s producers based in Japan.

He has performed at conventions and events, such as Otakon, FanimeCon, AnimeNext, Katsucon, GoBoiano GBX Meets Anime Nightlife, and the Philadelphia Sakura Sunday festival. It’s going to be a super hype event at CPAC 2021 with The Contro1freak as his official MC!

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