Castle Point Anime Convention


What is Castle Point Anime Convention?

The Castle Point Anime Convention, or CPAC, is a 2-Day anime convention organized and operated by the Anime Critics United, Inc. Founded in 2008, the purpose of CPAC is to provide quality programming and social opportunities for anime and manga fans.

Like any other convention, we have a team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff, all of whom contribute year-round toward the success of the convention. All officers and department heads are current students of Stevens Institute of Technology, but we also have volunteers from other student organizations in the NJ/NYC area as well as alumni from the Stevens Anime Club. We focus on being family-friendly (not to mention just friendly in general) and providing a social space that fans can come to and enjoy.

Where does the name ‘Castle Point’ come from?

The name ‘Castle Point’ refers to the highest point at the Stevens campus and in Hoboken. CPAC was founded and is still run by students at Stevens Institute of Technology, therefore Castle Point Anime Convention.

How big is CPAC?

CPAC started in 2008 and first welcomed 400 attendees. In its last year at Stevens, CPAC welcomed 5,000 attendees. To support its growth in future years, CPAC moved to the Meadowlands Exposition Center and Holiday Inn Meadowlands in 2018.

Where is CPAC?

CPAC 2019 will be at the Meadowlands Exposition Center and Holiday Inn Meadowlands located in the Harmon Meadow Plaza in Secaucus, NJ.

Do I need a Ticket / Badge?

All attendees above 6 years old need a badge to attend CPAC. Badges must be worn at all times and must be able to be presented to CPAC staff and volunteers upon request for verification.

We recommend all children under the age of 18 to attend with an adult. All children 13 and under are required to have an adult with them while attending the event. Both parties will be required to have a badge during the event.

Where do I get Ticket / Badge?

Tickets/Badges can be bought through our site on our Eventbrite page. You can also purchase a ticket at the door (pending availability) during the event.

How much does a Ticket / Badge cost?

Ticket/Badge prices change based on our pre-registration time. Pre-registration ends on Monday, April 1st.

Pricing during pre-registration:

Pricing after Monday, April 1st (including at the door):

Can I cosplay?

Of course! Cosplay is a huge part of what makes CPAC what it is and we have a wide variety of events for cosplayers and fans alike. Please review our policies to make sure your outfit and/or props fall within our guidelines to ensure CPAC is a fun time for everyone.

What if I’m uncomfortable or harassed?

CPAC is committed to promoting an environment that all attendees can find safe. If you are harassed or see any harassment that you feel comfortable to report, please report it to any CPAC staff member who can bring the issue to the attention of our security team.

What if I have a wheelchair or other special needs?

Accessibility is important to us at CPAC, and we will attempt to make any accommodations we can for those who need it. Attendees that anticipate requiring any special accommodation should send an email to

Currently, CPAC cannot directly provide special services including, but not limited to, wheelchairs or motorized vehicles for attendees. Both venues are wheelchair accessible but in some cases, specifically those in the hands of the venue, accessibility may be out of our control. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Meadowlands Exposition Center, featuring Main Events and Exhibitors, has a wheelchair-accessible ramp to the front entrance and exit. The Holiday Inn Meadowlands will house panel rooms and various other events. The front entrance/exit is an automatic sliding door, and there are elevators to the second floor.

What if I have a question?

For all general questions, please feel free to contact To contact a specific department, please refer to the list below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Press, Tableswaps and Advertising:

Artists Alley:

Dealer’s Room:

Panels, Cosplay, Workshops and Arcade:

Guests and Musical Performances:

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