Castle Point Anime Convention

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CPあC also has a variety of other smaller attractions available.

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Art Livestreams

For those who love to draw and those who love to watch drawing, make sure to drop by and check out our Art Livestream sessions during Virtual CPあC 2021! Artists will be given a Discord voice channel to livestream their artistic prowess with corresponding text channels for viewers to chat.

More information on the art livestreams can be found on its own page here.

Merch Show & Tell

Coronavirus keeping you from displaying your merch publicly? Fear not, CPあC 2021 has you covered! Post pictures of your favorite posters, key chains, plushies, figures, and other merch that you’ve collected over the years in a channel dedicated to anime & convention memorabilia. This is the perfect place to brag about any limited or exclusive merch you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on!

Merch Show & Tell will be held on the CPあC Discord in the #merch-show-and-tell channel.

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