Privacy Policy

We may collect, store, and use some information about you while browsing this site. This privacy policy outlines what we collect and how we use it. If you have any questions or would like a clarification, please feel free to send us an email at

What We Collect

We may collect information about your:

  • computer and Internet connection, such as your IP address, geographical information from your IP address, what browser you use and which version;
  • CPAC browsing patterns, such as which web pages on this site you view, and how you navigate the site;
  • gender, age, and interests (or, rather, estimates of those), using Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting;
  • if you go to our EventBrite site, how many tickets you buy, what web page you came from when buying them, and other information according to EventBrite’s privacy policy;
  • if you sign up for our mailing list, your e-mail address and first and last names, whether and when you read our emails, and which links in our emails you click, and other information according to MailChimp’s privacy policy.

How We Use It

We use the information collected above to internally influence our advertising and marketing decisions. Our goal is to get a better idea of who comes to CPAC, and to make CPAC a better event.

We will never give or sell your data to third-parties, even in anonymized forms. The only exception to this is the actual collection systems (explained below). For example, since we use Google Analytics to collect information, naturally Google will have access to your data, albeit in compliance with their own terms of service.

We do not set our own cookies on your browser for tracking. As explained below, we only use Google Analytics and Facebook Advertising for tracking.

How We Collect

This is a static website. CPAC does not actually have its own tracking system. Instead, we use Google Analytics and Facebook Ads to keep track of our data for us. Please see their respective websites for more information.

Specifically, we use certain Google Analytics Advertising features to track personal information about our visitors, such as Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting, which gives us estimates of our visitors’ age, gender, and interests. All of these help us to better learn who visits our website, and how we might convince them to come to CPAC.

Opting Out