Castle Point Anime Convention

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Vendor FAQs

What kind of vendors are we looking for?

The Castle Point Anime Convention, or CPあC, includes a wide variety of vendors, including artists, merchandise tables, and food stalls.

Applications are typically opened in the middle of October and close in the middle of December. Decisions are usually to be finalized by the end of January.

Forms will be posted on our website and on all social media platforms.

What does it take to be a vendor?

CPあC is a family-friendly convention, and we cannot consider any vendor who intends to sell 18+ merchandise.

Please also take note that any and all food sales are subject to a revenue tax from the Meadowlands Expo Center (MEC).

We also bar the sale of any items that violate our Props and Weapons Policy.

Our most popular items include posters, keychains, plushies, clothes, and any other merch themed around Japanese or gaming culture.

Vendor Specific Information

Artists Alley

Artists Alley tables are 6x2 ft.

Artists typically sell posters, buttons, keychains, pins, and anything else that is primarily focused around drawn or hand-made merchandise.

Artists may request to be seated next to other artists on the convention floor.

Requests will only be accepted and processed after decisions are finalized. This usually happens sometime in January.

Dealer’s Room

Dealer’s Room spaces are 10x10 ft. and contain two 6x2 ft. tables.

Dealers typically sell figures, clothes, books, toys, and licensed and imported merchandise.

Dealers may pay an additional fee to secure a corner space.

Food Vendors

Food Vendors’ spaces have no defined size and are subject to negotiation.

Food cooked on-site is preferred to the sale of pre-packaged food.

Food Vendors are required to bring their own stall equipment, either in the form of tables or a food truck.

All vendors are able to receive electricity drops where needed, as negotiated with the MEC.

Who do I reach out to?

For artists, please contact

For dealers, please contact

For food vendors, please contact

For general questions, please contact

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