Presenting CPAC 2018's Maid Cafe - Maid 4U Cafe

The wait is finally over!

Castle Point Anime Convention 2018’s first guest is Maid 4U Cafe! They will be both selling food at their cafe, located at Holiday Inn Meadowlands both days of the convention, and performing as a musical guest on Sunday!

Maid 4U Cafe is a mobile Japanese-style maid cafe based in New York City, serving the Tri-state area and beyond. Other than hosting pop-up maid cafes, they also work with conventions, trade shows, festivals, corporations and small businesses.

Maid 4U Cafe began in the summer of 2017, inspired by the dazzling culture of maid cafes in Akihabara, Japan. Maid 4U Cafe’s team of talented and kawaii maids have been through rigorous training to provide their beloved patrons with amazing and unforgettable experiences that include not only the standard fare of serving, but also a wide array of entertainment such as tarot readings, roleplay, and professional close-up magic. The cafe prides itself in its ability to offer its patrons with an authentic taste of this unique Japanese culture, while at the same time catering to the American palate.

This will be their first time at CPAC and we hope that everyone will enjoy their company!